Update version 3.4

Several internal improvements:

- Fully tested on Moto G.
- Adapted to Android 4.4.4.
- Optimised bandwidth for the Walkie Talkie communications, allowing to increase the coverage under Bluetooth or Wifi connections.
- Some parts are redesigned to prepare for the next major upgrades.
It will NOT connect to devices that use older versions. UPDATE ALL YOUR DEVICES.
- Receive a message when devices are using different app versions.

Hide the controls that you don’t need on Walkie Talkie mode:

Some users asked for a solution to lock some settings or simply hide some controls that don’t want to use. This is useful in case that a person that is not used with smartphones/tablets needs to watch your baby.

Go to settings / interface and uncheck the controls that you don’t need.

Now you can turn your Baby Monitor All-in-One in a new app that just have an on/off switch!

Minor bug fixes:

- Solves issues related to wifi and bluetooth connectivity.
- Solves issues related to Nanny Mode and loudspeaker in some specific devices.

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