I have more than one device. ¿Should I buy more than one license?
The most extended license model for this kind of apps is "per user".
What does it mean? Very simple: if you have more than one Android device with the same Google/Amazon account that you used to buy the app, you don't need to buy an additional license. If the devices are using different Google accounts then yes, you need to buy another license.
This license model is also used by Apple on their AppStore.

I replaced my old device with a new one. Do I have to buy the license again?
No. The license is linked with your Google/Amazon account. If your new device is using the same account, go to the app store and download the app again.

The devices are connected to the same wifi network but they are unable to connect to each other
Try to exchange the roles baby/parents between your devices. If the problem persists, the problem will be related to your wifi service.
- Check that all your devices are connected to the same wifi network, have the autosearch function enabled and that all the devices have the same auto search key.
- If the devices doesn't connect may be your wifi is blocking the communication between users. Please check if your router or access point is blocking udp broadcast traffic. Also check if you find something related with "client isolation". This option should be unchecked.

The devices are connected to the same wifi network but I experience random disconnections
¿Do you have a good wifi signal? Install the app Wifi Analyzer.
This app will help you to check if your wifi is transmitting on a "clean" channel. If you see that there is any wifi overlaped with yours, try to find a clean channel and change it on your router/access point.
Check that your AP or router have the latest firmware release.

¿Can I connect the devices through internet?
Currently it is only possible if the baby device is connected to a wifi network. In this case you will need a minimal configuration of the network router where the device is connected and redirect the TCP ports 9081,9082 and 9085 to the Baby unit ip. On the parents device type the public ip of the "baby" router. The automatic search will not work.

There are other alternatives like creating a vpn.
It is planned for future versions to work on internet and mobile data connections seamlessly.

The devices are connected but I can't switch to the video mode
You need to meet three conditions to run the video mode:
- Use the walkie-talkie mode.
- Use wifi connection.
- Camera on the Baby device.
If these conditions are met, on the parents side will appear a camera icon. Click this button to start the video.

The microphone is too sensitive
There are thousands of different devices. Due to this, there is a "Baby microphone sensitivity" setting where you can choose between different levels of sensitivity.

How can I improve the Bluetooth range of my Baby Monitor
The Bluetooth technology was designed for wireless connections between mobile devices over short distances. The specification that our devices use have a maximum coverage of 10 to 15 meters without any obstacle between them. To improve the coverage follow the next steps:

- Minimize the obstacles as walls, closed doors or furniture.
- To turn away from wireless signals that can interfere with Bluetooth. Some of these networks work on the same frequency as Bluetooth but are much more powerful, causing interference and random disconnects in certain cases.